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Biographical entry Guthrie, Charles W Gardiner (1817 - 1859)

MRCS April 17th, 1838; FRCS, June 2nd, 1853.

General surgeon


The younger son of George James Guthrie (q.v.) by his first wife Margaret Paterson, daughter of the Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward's Island. He was educated at the Westminster Hospital, where he was elected Assistant Surgeon in 1843 on the resignation of his father in his favour. He became Surgeon and Lecturer on Surgery, and resigned on the ground of ill health shortly before his death. He was also Assistant Surgeon to the Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, where his father was Surgeon, and succeeded him as Surgeon. He practised at 18 Pall Mall East, but retiring to Clifton died there of ascites due to a liver complaint in August, 1859. He never married, his elder brother left no children, and his sister died unmarried, so that the family of Guthrie ended.

Charles Guthrie was a capable surgeon and a dextrous operator, both in the large operations of general surgery and the more delicate ones on the eye. He was kindly, generous, and very sociable; a cause of much anxiety to his father, who on more than one occasion had to pay for cattle shot on the Thames marshes under the impression that they were big game. He might have done well.

On the Cure of Squinting by the Division of one of the Straight Muscles of the Eye, 8vo, London, 2nd ed., 1840.
Report on the Result of the Operations for the Cure of Squinting performed at the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital between 18 April and 30 October, 1840, 8vo, Westminster, 1840.
On Cataract and its Appropriate Treatment by the Operation Adapted for each Peculiar Case, 8vo, plate, London, 1845.

Sources used to compile this entry: [W.G. Spencer's History of Westminster Hospital, 102. Information contributed by Henry Power (q.v.)].

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