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Biographical entry Woolriche, Stephen (1770 - 1856)

CB (mil) 1850; Member of the Company of Surgeons Dec 18th 1794; FRCS Dec 11th 1843; one of the original 300 Fellows.

3 June 1770
29 February 1856
General surgeon


Born on June 3rd, 1770, became Surgeon's Mate, and on May 30th, 1794, was gazetted Surgeon to the 111th Foot. From March, 1798, to May 22nd, 1806, he was on half pay, when he exchanged into the 4th Foot. On June 18th, 1807, he was appointed Surgeon to the Staff. He was on active service in Holland in 1799, at Copenhagen in 1807, in the Peninsula 1812-1814, and was present at the Battle of Waterloo.

He was promoted to Deputy Inspector of Hospitals on May 26th, 1814, and Brevet Inspector of Hospitals on Dec 9th, 1823. He retired on half pay on May 25th, 1828, and on July 22nd, 1830, was promoted to be Inspector-General of Hospitals. He was one of the seven officers of the Army Medical Department upon whom the CB (mil) was conferred for the first time in 1850.

He lived in retirement at Qwatford Lodge, Bridgnorth, and died on Feb 29th, 1856.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Johnston’s R.A.M.C. Roll, No. 1269].

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