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Biographical entry Travers, Benjamin junior (1808 - 1868)

MRCS, Nov. 4th, 1831; FRCS, Dec. 11th, 1843, one of the original 300 Fellows.

London, UK
General surgeon


The eldest son of Benjamin Travers (q.v.), Surgeon to St Thomas’s Hospital. His mother, Sarah, daughter of William Morgan (1750-1833), who took high rank among the pioneers of life assurance in England and was Actuary of the Equitable Society, was the sister of John Morgan (q.v.), Surgeon to Guy's Hospital.

Travers was educated at St Thomas's Hospital and at the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin. He was appointed Resident Assistant Surgeon at St Thomas's Hospital on July 28th, 1841, on the resignation of his father as Surgeon, and for a time lectured in the Medical School. He was for many years Consulting Surgeon to the Economic Assurance Society. He died at 49 Dover Street, Piccadilly, in 1868, survived by a numerous family, of whom Benjamin Travers III entered the Colonial Service and became a magistrate in Cyprus.

Observations in Surgery, 8vo, London, 1852.
Further Observations in Several Parts of Surgery, with a Memoir on Some Unusual Forms of Eye Disease, by the late Benjamin Travers, dated 1828, 8vo, London, 1860.

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