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Biographical entry Seager, Charles Dagge (1779 - 1844)

MRCS, March 5th, 1801; FRCS Dec 11th, 1843, one of the original 300 Fellows; LSA, 1827.

29 November 1779
19 November 1844
General surgeon


Born on Nov 29th, 1779, the younger son of John Seager, of Shirehampton, Gloucestershire. He was educated at Warminster Grammar School, but it is not known where he received his professional training. He practised for many years at Cheltenham before, and probably after, 1810; he appears also to have practised or resided in Guernsey. About 1840 he retired to Clifton; some handsome plate had been given him at one time as a testimonial by his patients.

Mr H W Seager, MRCS, of Bury St Edmunds, wrote on Feb 22nd, 1921: “I am singularly ignorant about my grandfather, and have had to ask relations. I cannot learn that he ever practised in Guernsey: he was certainly in Cheltenham before 1810.

“As to his work, the only detail that I ever heard was the successful treatment by enforced exercise of a case of opium poisoning – I suppose about 1830. I have a misty recollection of a short monograph on the Greek particle ---, but I am not sure that he wrote it.

“I believe he was a very handsome man, a great snuff-taker, who never used a white silk handkerchief twice, so carried piles of them. Very subject to gout, so I suppose he did himself pretty well, but these details are not suitable for your life of him.”

He was a man of culture, and read French, Italian, Spanish, and the Classics. About the year 1800 he made a careful transcript, in his elegant handwriting, of John Hunter’s Lectures on Surgery, taken down and arranged in a series of aphorisms by John Hunter’s friend, pupil, and defender, Charles Brandon Trye. The volume was presented to the Library in 1920 by Mr H W Seager.

Seager died on Nov 19th, 1844. His death was not reported to the College till 1849, when John Soden (q.v.), of Bath, sent it in with a number of others. He married Elizabeth Osborne, daughter of Jeremiah Osborne, of Bristol, gentleman.

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