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Biographical entry Dawson, James (1779 - 1875)

MRCS, Feb 15th, 1805; FRCS, Dec 11th, 1843, one of the original 300 Fellows.

17 January 1875
General surgeon


At one time was busily engaged in practice in Liverpool, but for the last thirty years of his life lived in Wray Castle, near Ambleside, on Windermere, where he was long gratefully remembered for the ready help he was always willing to give to the poor of the district when in search of sympathy and advice. The least curious of medical men would be dissatisfied till he learned more of one so honourable to his profession - and the more he learned, the more he would wish to know of the Squire of Wray Castle. Perhaps he ventured on a visit of respect only to find a venerable man of ninety years, of dignified appearance, of extreme courtesy, of well-judged liberality, of high culture, and in thorough sympathy with all his neighbours. Neither weather nor the weight of ninety years kept him from visits of charity or courtesy. He died at Wray Castle on Jan 17th, 1875.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England