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Biographical entry Knipe, John Augustus (1778 - 1850)

MRCS, April 5th, 1805; FRCS, Dec 11th, 1843, one of the original 300 Fellows.

1 August 1778
15 January 1850
General surgeon


Born on Aug 1st, 1778, and entered the service of the HEIC. He was appointed Regimental Mate to the 89th Foot on April 1st, 1797, and a month later, May 1st, became Assistant Surgeon to the same regiment. He was transferred to the 5th Dragoon Guards on Aug 10th, 1799, and was gazetted Surgeon to the 95th Foot on Oct 3rd, 1805, being again transferred to the 15th Dragoons on July 20th, 1809. On May 28th, 1812, he was put on the Staff. He was appointed Deputy Inspector of Hospitals (Brevet) on July 17th, 1817. He retired on half pay on April 25th, 1819, and on Oct 20th, 1826, was gazetted full Deputy Inspector of Hospitals. He had been present at the Battle of Copenhagen, when the forts were bombarded by the English fleet in 1807, and had served in the Peninsular War, in 1809. After his retirement Knipe apparently lived in London, his address in 1843 being the United Service Club. He died on Jan 15th, 1850.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Johnston’s RAMC Roll, No. 1668].

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