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Biographical entry Boutflower, Charles (1782 - 1844)

MRCS Feb 7th, 1806; FRCS Dec 11th, 1843, one of the original 300 Fellows.

2 February 1782
26 March 1844
General surgeon


Born on Feb 2nd, 1782. Received his later professional training at St George’s Hospital, where he was entered as a six months’ surgical pupil on Oct 7th, 1814. He had previously seen much active naval and military service. He joined the Royal Navy as Assistant Surgeon on April 4th, 1800, and became Surgeon’s Mate on the Hospital Staff not attached to a regiment on May 24th, 1801. He joined the 40th Foot as Assistant Surgeon on April 27th, 1802, being promoted to Surgeon of the 96th Foot on March 25th, 1808, and transferring to the 40th Foot on June 8th, 1809. He was placed on the Staff on Sept 3rd, 1812, and was on half pay from Sept 25th, 1814, to June 25th, 1815. He retired on half pay on Jan 25th, 1816. He saw active service as a surgeon in America in 1807, when he was taken prisoner, and in the Peninsula from 1809-1814.

He practised in Liverpool after leaving the Army, and died on March 26th, 1844.

The Journal of an Army Surgeon during the Peninsula War.

[Colonel Johnston notes in his RAMC Roll, No. 2418, that in the London Gazette the name is wrongly given as ‘Boat Flower’ and in some Army Lists as ‘Boatflower’. His signature was ‘Boutflower’, but the name is certainly pronounced ‘Bo-flower’, which may have led to the mistake in spelling.]

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