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Biographical entry Goodlad, William ( - 1844)

MRCS, April 1st, 1808; FRCS, Dec 11th, 1843, one of the original 300 Fellows.

14 February 1844
Manchester, UK
General surgeon


Practised as a surgeon in Bolsover, then in Bury, and finally in Mosley Street, Manchester, where he was Surgeon to the Union Hospital. He died at his residence at Cheetham Hill on Feb 14th, 1844.

He became known as a medical author by winning the Jacksonian Prize in 1812 with his Essay entitled "Diseases of the Vessels and Glands of the Absorbent System", republished as A Practical Essay on the Diseases of the Vessels and Glands of the Absorbent System. To which are added Surgical Cases with Practical Remarks, 8vo, London, 1814. On his title-page it appears that this republication is the Jacksonian Essay in substance, and we also infer from the dedication that he received his professional training at the Manchester Infirmary as pupil of its Surgeon, Robert Wagstaffe Killer, to whom he dedicates his book "as a token of respect for his abilities, and of gratitude for his friendship". The book was published by Goodlad in German in conjunction with Carmichael and Henning under the title Ueber die Skrofelkrankheit, the translator being J L Choulant (Leipzig, 1818). His Jacksonian Essay in MS (4to) is in the College Library.

In addition to the work mentioned, Goodlad further published:-
"Observations on Mr Barlow's Theory on the Origin of Urinary Calculi." - Edin. Med. and Surg. Jour., 1809, v, 438.
"Observations on Purulent Ophthalmia." - Ibid., 1810, vi, 15.
"Case of Inguinal Aneurysm, Cured by Tying the External Iliac Artery." - Ibid., 1812, viii, 32.
"Additional Observations on the Treatment of Scrofula." - Ibid., 1815, xi, 204.
"Observations on Diseases which are produced by Irritation in the Urethra." - Lond. Med. Repos., 1814, ii, 449.
"History of a Tumour Successfully Removed from the Face and Neck, by previously Tying the Carotid Artery." - Lond. Med.-Chir. Trans., 1816, vii, 112.
A Letter to Sir B. C. Brodie containing a Critical Inquiry into his Lectures illustrative of Certain Local Nervous Affections, 8vo, London, 1840.

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