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Biographical entry Acherley (or Ackerley), Richard Yates ( - 1862)

MRCS 1832; FRCS 1861; LRCP Edin 1860.

20 December 1862
General surgeon


Practised at 6 Prince Edwin Street, Everton, Liverpool, and died on Dec 20th 1862.

“Tartar Emetic and Opium in Spasmodic Affections.” – Lond.Med.Gaz. 1837-8, i, 56.
“Nature and Treatment of Puerperal Fever.” – Ibid., 1837-8, ii, 463.
“Hydrophobic Mania Successfully Treated with Chloroform” – (Subsequent correspondence elicited that the supposed incubation period was ten years and a few months and that the bite had been inflicted by a cat. It was not, therefore, an instance of rabies at all.) – Lancet, 1848, ii, 122, 299, 409.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England