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Biographical entry Barker, Walter Goodyear (1818 - 1868)

MRCS Oct 25th 1839; FRCS Dec 7th, 1849; LSA 1839.

24 March 1868
General surgeon


Educated at the London Hospital. Practised at Worthing, where he was Medical Officer to the Infirmary and did much to bring the place into repute as a health resort. He was a Fellow of the British Meteorological Society. He lived at 18 The Steyne, Worthing, and died there on March 24th, 1868.

“On the Climate of Worthing and its Remedial Influence in Disease, especially of the Lungs.” – Proc. Med.-Chir. Soc., 1860, iii, 251. He subsequently expanded this paper into:
On the Climate of Worthing: its Remedial Influence in Disease, Especially of the Lungs, 12mo, London, 1860; 2nd ed., 1867.
On Diseases of the Respiratory Passages and Lungs, Sporadic and Epidemic. Their
Causes, Pathology, Symptoms, and Treatment
, 8vo, London, 1866.
“Comparative Temperature of Greenwich, Worthing, and South Devon,” 1858.
“Meteorology of Worthing” contributed to the Meteorological Society.
Contributions to the Quarterly Reports of the Registrar General from 1851-1865.
Various Letters on the Climate and Sanitary Conditions of Worthing.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England