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Biographical entry Boon, Alfred Pearl (1850 - 1892)

MRCS Nov 15th 1871; FRCS June 10th 1880; LRCP Lond 1872; JP.

St Kitts
14 September 1892
St Kitts
General surgeon


Born in St Kitts and educated at Totteridge Park Grammar School. He matriculated at the University of London, and received his professional training at St Mary’s Hospital, where he was appointed Demonstrator of Anatomy and then House Surgeon. He gained the Sibson Clinical Prize in his student days (1870), the title of his essay being, “Heart Sounds in Bright’s Disease”. The examiners congratulated the young man’s father on the remarkable originality shown in the treatment of the subject. Soon after qualifying, Boon was appointed Medical Officer of St Paul’s Parish, Antigua, and later exchanged to a similar post in St Kitts. Here his professional skill, kindliness, and uprightness soon won him a name. He took an active, efficient, and useful part in public life, and was a Justice of the Peace, a Visiting Justice of the Gaol, a Water Comissioner for Sandy Point Waterworks, and held other important positions. He originated the idea of forming the Leeward Islands Branch of the British Medical Association, was Island Secretary for St Kitts and Nevis, and at the time of his death was one of the Vice-Presidents of the branch. He died of malaria at St Kitts on Sept 14th, 1892, and was survived by his widow and four children. Mrs Boon was a daughter of the Hon P Burns, Auditor-General of the Leeward Islands.

On March 26th, 1892, he wrote an interesting account of the influenza epidemic of 1891-1892 as it affected St Kitts, having been brought thither by a lady and gentleman from Southampton, who landed on the island on Dec 14th, 1891. The epidemic spread from them in a very severe form over Basseterre, where Boon practised and where about a third of the population of 10,000 were attacked, and thence on to the surrounding villages.

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