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Biographical entry Chavasse, Pye Henry (1810 - 1879)

MRCS Jan 18th, 1833; FRCS Aug 12th, 1852; LSA 1833.

Cirencester, UK
20 September 1879
Edgbaston, UK
General surgeon


Born at Cirencester, was apprenticed to his cousin, Thomas Chavasse (qv), then in practice at Old Square, Birmingham. Later he studied at University College Hospital, and having qualified began practice in Birmingham, especially among women and children. He was a regular attendant at the meetings of the Birmingham Branch of the British Medical Association; also at one time he was President of Queen's College Medico-Chirurgical Society.

Frank and genial, he was a good colleague. Five years before his death he retired, suffering from cerebrospinal sclerosis, and died at Edgbaston on Sept 20th, 1879. His photograph is in the Fellows' Album.

He was the author of popular works on motherhood, subjects which ran through many editions, and were translated into nearly all European and many Asiatic languages, as also American editions. They include:
Advice to a Mother on the Management of her Children, and on the Treatment on the Moment of some of their more pressing Illnesses and Accidents, 9th ed, Philadelphia, 1868; 18th ed, 1878.
Counsel to a Mother, being a continuation and completion of Advice to a Mother, Philadelphia, 1871.
Advice to a Wife on the Management of her own Health, and on the Treatment of some of the Complaints incidental to Pregnancy, Labour, and Suckling, 12th ed, Philadelphia, 1871.
Physical Training of Children, or Advice to Parents, Philadelphia, 1571.
Aphorisms for a Mother, 2nd ed, 1877.
"A Chart of Auscultation and Percussion." - Lancet, 1881-2, ii, 260.
"Treatment of Scarlatina Anginosa." - Assoc. Med. Jour., 1856, 210.
Different editions of these works show certain changes of title, as do also the American editions. In his particular branch of medical authorship he may be said to have been the successor of Conquest and Bull.
"The Mental Culture and Training of Children." - The Mother's Book, Philadelphia, 1880.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Brit. Med. Jour., 1879, ii, 521].

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