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Biographical entry Coles, James (1803 - 1860)

MRCS June 3rd 1825; FRCS Dec 9th 1858; LSA 1825.

20 November 1860
Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK
General surgeon


Was at one time Senior Surgeon to the Hospital for Deformities, Great Portland Street, London. Among his inventions in orthopaedic apparatus may be mentioned the prone couch and the orthopaedic sofa for the cure of lateral curvature of the spine. These from illustrations appear as large pieces of furniture of fine classical design, on which ladies of early Victorian date are reclining face downwards. Coles died at Weston-super-Mare, the place of his later residence, on Nov 20th, 1860. He had resided previously at 26 Edward Street, Langham Place.

Spinal Affections and the Prone System of Treating them, 8vo, illustrated, 2nd ed., London, 1847.
A Treatise on the Medical Virtues of the Alga Marina, a Concentrated Essence of the Sea-weed, as an external remedy for Rheumatism and Rheumatic Gout, 60th thousand, 12mo, London, 1855.
Treatise on the Natural History of Sea-weed and the Medicinal Properties of the Juice. On the Tape-worm: its History and Cure by means of the Brayera Anthelmintica, or Kousso, 1852.

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