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Biographical entry Cooper, George Lewis (1810 - 1875)

MRCS Dec 5th 1834; FRCS Dec 11th 1843 one of the original 300 Fellows.

17 September 1875
London, UK
General surgeon


Educated at St Bartholomew's Hospital, at University College, and in Paris. He was a nephew of Samuel Cooper (qv), FRS, Professor of Surgery at University College. He practised at 7 Woburn Place, and at the time of his death was Surgeon to the Bloomsbury Dispensary (Great Russell Street) and to the National Vaccine Institute, Teacher of Vaccination at University College Medical School and at the Great Northern Hospital Station, and Surgeon to the Early Closing Association. His death occurred on Sept 17th, 1875, at Woburn Place.

"Life of Samuel Cooper, Esq." and "Remarks on Secondary or Constitutional Syphilis," in vol. ii of Lane's edition of Cooper's Surgical Dictionary; also revised various other articles in the same work.
"On Atrophy or Degeneration of the Muscles of the Upper and Lower Extremities from Disease of the Spinal Cord." - Med.-Chir. Trans., xlix, 171.
"Diffuse Inflammation of Cellular Membrane of Scrotum." - Lancet, 1847, i, 359.
"Syphilitic Phagedaena of Integuments of Knec." - Ibid., 1854, i, 491.

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