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Biographical entry Cowen, Henry Lionel (1817 - 1886)

MRCS Aug 30th 1839; FRCS Nov 10th 1859; LSA 1839.

24 January 1817
24 January 1886
London, UK
General surgeon


Born on Jan 24th, 1817. He joined the Army on June 17th, 1842, as Staff Assistant Surgeon and was promoted Staff Surgeon (2nd Class) on May 5th, 1854. He was gazetted to the Ceylon Rifle Regiment on Feb 26th, 1856, being promoted Surgeon Major to the same on June 17th, 1862. He joined the Staff on Feb 1st, 1868, and was given the rank of Deputy Inspector-General (AMS) on the same date. He retired on half pay with the honorary rank of Surgeon General on Jan 24th, 1877. The Army Medical Department dates from March 1st, 1873. He died in London on Jan 24th, 1886.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Johnston's RAMC Roll, No. 4710].

The Royal College of Surgeons of England