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Biographical entry Ede, John Robert ( - 1877)

MRCS Nov 23rd 1838; FRCS April 19th 1854; LSA 1839; MD St Andrews 1862.

Liskeard, Cornwall, UK
24 March 1877
Bexley Heath, UK
General surgeon


Born at Liskeard, Cornwall. After serving as apprentice to a local practitioner he entered University College Hospital under Robert Liston. He then settled in practice, acting as Surgeon to St Mary's, Islington, Workhouse and Infirmary, to the Holloway and North Islington Dispensary, and the Royal Caledonian Asylum. For his service at the Workhouse Infirmary he was awarded a pension on retirement. He died at The Rest, Avenue Road, Bexley Heath, on March 24th, 1877, after suffering for two years from the effects of apoplexy, and was buried at Christchurch, Bexley Heath. His portrait is in the Fellows' Album.

"A Case of Ligature of the External Iliac." - Lancet, 1858, I, 555. In a man aged 46, he noted a swelling below Poupart's ligament on the left side for three years, after a slip from a ladder. There was a swelling the size of a walnut, strongly pulsating, 2 in below the ligament, the veins of the leg being markedly varicose. After consulting with Sir John Eric Erichsen (qv) and in his presence, with the patient under chloroform, Ede ligatured the external iliac, following Liston's directions. The ligature came away at the end of a fort¬night, and four months later the patient could walk three or four miles, quite relieved of the aneurysm and of the varicose veins.
This was written from Hemingford House, Barnsbury, Islington.

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