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Biographical entry Edwards, David Owen (1801 - 1878)

MRCS Sept 19th 1828; FRCS Oct 11th 1860; LSA 1827; MRCP Lond 1865.

18 January 1878
London, UK
General surgeon


Educated at St Bartholomew's and Westminster Hospitals. He was at one time Medical Resident at the latter hospital, and was then Surgeon, and afterwards Consulting Surgeon, to the West London Hospital for Diseases of the Eye. He died at St Lawrence Road, London, on Jan 18th, 1878. He invented a new mode of warming and ventilating sick-chambers, which he named the 'Atmopyre'.

Letters on "Thoughts on the Real and Imaginary Grievances of the Medical Profession." - Lancet, 1841-2, ii, 510, 606, 742, 776; 1842-3, I, 71.
An Enquiry into certain Principles of Architectural Physiology, 4to, 1866. This last paper was read at a meeting of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and deals with the question of housing, and with 'atmode' or air-shaft ventilation. It is in the College Library.
"Prospective Reform of the College of Surgeons." - Lancet, 1868, I, 725.

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