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Biographical entry Field, Alfred George ( - 1902)

MRCS May 23rd 1842; FRCS May 10th 1855; LSA 1842.

Wallingford, Berkshire, UK
General surgeon


Educated at St George's Hospital, and then became Surgeon to the Reading Dispensary, and later to the Royal Sea-Bathing Infirmary, Margate, when he resided at Westbrook, close by. He had removed to 40 Great Marlborough Street before 1855, was also Surgeon to the Blenheim Street Dispensary, and had been appointed Demonstrator of Anatomy at his old medical school. He next removed to Brighton, living at 28 Old Steine, and then 22 Denmark Terrace, Montpelier Road, where he was Surgeon to St Mary's Hospital. He went out of practice before 1875, and resided at Alveston Manor, Stratford-on-Avon, and then at Benson, Wallingford, Berks. He died at Wallingford on May 15th or Sept 15th, 1902. His photograph, which is full of character, is in the Fellows' Album.

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The Royal College of Surgeons of England