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Biographical entry Gibbs, Harry Leeke (1780 - 1858)

MRCS June 3rd 1803; FRCS (by election) Aug 26th 1844; MD Aberdeen 1816; MD and Surgeon St Petersburgh 1820.

27 September 1858
Exeter, Devon, UK
General surgeon


Educated at St George's Hospital, where he was House Surgeon in 1802 and 1803. He first practised in London and then went to Russia, where he rose to high honour, being successively Surgeon-in-Chief to the Russian Fleets and Hospitals in the Baltic, Councillor of State, Empire of Russia, Knight of the Order of St Vladimir, 1813, and Knight Commander of St Anne, 1820, and St Vladimir, 1829. During his residence in Russia he published various papers and observations on the cholera when it made its appearance in St Petersburgh during the summer of 1831. He also contributed reports of several surgical cases and operations to periodicals in London and Edinburgh. He died in retirement at his residence, 19 Southernhay Place, Exeter, on Sept 27th, 1858.

"Account of a Case of Axillary Aneurism, in which the Operation of Tying the Subclavian Artery was Successfully Performed." - Med-Chir Trans, 1823, xii, 531, communicated by Benjamin Brodie.
"Case in which the External Iliac Artery was Tied under Peculiar Circumstances." - Lond Med and Phys Jour, 1827, lviii, 97.
"Case of Tumour of the Radial or Spiral Nerve of the Right Arm." - Edin Med and Surg Jour, 1829, xxxii, 250.
Other papers appeared in the foregoing journals and in the Lond Med Gaz.

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