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Biographical entry Giles, George Michael James (1853 - 1916)

MRCS Nov 15th 1876; FRCS June 10th 1880; LSA 1876; MB Lond 1877; Certif San Sci 1880.

20 December 1853
24 August 1916
Plymouth, UK
General surgeon


Born on Dec 20th, 1853, the son of Captain George Giles, RN, of Plymouth, and received his professional training at St Mary's Hospital, where he was House Surgeon. He served as a Civil Surgeon in South Africa in the operations against the Galekas in 1878 and in the Zulu War of 1879. For these services he received the Medal and Clasp. He entered the Indian Medical Service as Surgeon on Oct 2nd, 1880, became Surgeon Major on Oct 2nd, 1892, and Lieutenant-Colonel on Oct 2nd, 1900, retiring on Jan 5th, 1901. During this period he made important contributions to animal and human parasitology in the tropics.

He spent some years as Surgeon Naturalist in the Indian survey ship, the Royal Indian Marine steamer Investigator, and in 1886-1887 accompanied the late General Sir William Lockhart on an exploring expedition in the Pamirs. Later he was employed in a civil capacity in the Central Provinces, and was then transferred to the Sanitary Department in the North-West (afterwards the United) Provinces. He lived after his retirement at 3 Elliot Terrace, The Hoe, Plymouth, and at Crown Hill, South Devon. In 1912 he emigrated to Portsmouth, County Frontenac, Ontario, Canada, whence he returned to England, having joined the Canadian Army Medical Service, shortly after the outbreak of the Great War (1914-1918). He was for some time in charge of Burcote House Hospital, Abingdon, but was compelled to resign his post owing to ill health in March, 1916. He died at Plymouth on Aug 24th, 1916.

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