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Biographical entry Graves, Ryves William ( - 1882)

MRCS Oct 12th 1838; FRCS May 31st 1860; LM Dublin 1838.

31 March 1882
Gloucester, UK
General surgeon


Studied in Dublin, where in 1838 he was Accoucheur to the Western Lying-in Hospital. He was next Assistant House Surgeon to the Chester Infirmary, and then practised in Gloucester, where he was Surgeon and Physician to the Rush and Lusk General Dispensary, in 1849 to the Cholera Hospital, to the Gloucester Dispensary, and Surgeon to the Infirmary and Children's Hospital. He was also a member of the Gloucester Literary and Scientific Society. He died at 80 Barton Street, Gloucester, on March 31st, 1882.

"On the Contagiousness of Cholera." - Dublin Med Jour, 1849, NS xxxv, 1, 243 The Board of Health in London, followed by Dublin, had in a "Circular Manifesto" asserted authoritatively that all experience proved cholera not to be contagious. Graves asserted the contrary, that it was contagious as well to members of the same household as to nurses. But he does not appear to have asserted that the contagion was through the stools to the mouths of infected people.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England