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Biographical entry Green, Frederick King (1842 - 1915)

MRCS Jan 28th 1864; FRCS June 10th 1875; LSA 1866.

10 July 1915
Bath, UK
General surgeon


Educated at Norwich and St Bartholomew's Hospitals. He was for a time House Surgeon at the Lock Hospital, London, and then practised at Barford, Oxfordshire, whence by 1871 he had removed to Wantage, Berks. In 1875 he was in practice at Belmont, Beckenham, Kent, and in, or before, 1879 had removed to 3 Gay Street, Bath, where he was appointed Surgeon to the General Hospital and to the Eastern Dispensary. He was elected in the same year (1879) Surgeon of the Royal Mineral Water Hospital, and retained that position till his resignation in 1906. He was for a number of years an Assistant Surgeon at the Royal United Hospital, became Surgeon in 1897, and resigned in January, 1902, when he was appointed Consulting Surgeon. He was in his day one of the foremost surgeons of Bath, was President of the Bath Pathological Society, Consulting Surgeon of the Chippenham Cottage Hospital, Medical Referee under the Workmen's Compensation Act, and was a member of the City Council from March, 1891, to November, 1892.

He resided after his retirement at Cleve Side, Newbridge Hill, Bath, where he died on July 10th, 1915, being survived by his widow and two daughters.

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The Royal College of Surgeons of England