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Biographical entry Greenish, Robert William (1853 - 1885)

MRCS July 27th 1875; FRCS Dec 9th 1880; LRCP 1876.

26 December 1885
London, UK
General surgeon


Educated at University College Hospital, where he held the post of Obstetric Assistant. He was then Resident Clinical Assistant at the Consumption Hospital, Brompton, Junior House Surgeon at the Huddersfield Infirmary, and House Surgeon at the Ashton-under-Lyne Infirmary.

He went to Vienna in the autumn of 1881 and worked for a year at normal and histological pathology under Weichselbaum, at the same time attending Dr A Zemann's lectures and demonstrations on pathology. Subsequently he studied at Strasburg, and, returning to London, settled in practice at Finsbury Park, NE. For the last two years of his life he was greatly impeded in his professional work, to which he was devoted, by painful and trying illness (the secondary results of renal calculus). He struggled on manfully and expressed a wish that a postmortem examination should be made to elucidate some doubtful points in his own case, which he had narrowly watched, and this was his last contribution to science. He died on Dec 26th, 1885, at his residence, 1 Somerfield Road, Finsbury Park.

While in Vienna, Greenish, in conjunction with Professor WEICHSELBAUM, published two papers of scientific research:-
"Ueber das Adenom der Leber." - Wien med Jahrb, 1882, 411.
"Ueber das Adenom der Niere." - Ibid, 1883, 213.
He also published:
"Case of Fragilitas Ossium." - Brit Med Jour, 1880, I, 966.
"Case of Primary Sarcoma of Pleura." - Jour Anat and Physiol, 1883, xvii, 333.

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