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Biographical entry Hamilton, Robert (1827 - 1914)

MRCS Nov 2nd 1849; FRCS Dec 19th 1861; LSA 1849.

28 August 1914
General surgeon


The son of Robert Hamilton, MRCS, obstetric physician, Liverpool; practised for many years in Liverpool, where he was Surgeon to the Liverpool Northern Dispensary; Assistant Surgeon to the Liverpool Eye and Ear Infirmary; later Surgeon to the Royal Southern Hospital, a hospital which owed much to his efforts. In his surgical work he was an earnest follower of Lister's teaching. For twenty years before his death he lived in retirement at Portrush, Co Antrim. His death occurred on Aug 28th, 1914.

Hamilton published various papers, including an Introductory Address at the Opening of the Session of the Liverpool Medical Society in 1870.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England