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Biographical entry Hearne, Edwin (1820 - 1880)

MRCS April 29th 1842; FRCS Dec 9th 1858; LSA 1843; MB Lond (with honours in physiology, comparative anatomy, and surgery) 1844; JP.

Somerset, UK
22 October 1880
Southampton, UK
General surgeon and Physician


Born near Taunton, his father, a farmer on a large scale, being descended from an old Somerset family. He entered University College, London, as a medical student in 1840 and carried off many prizes. He was a favourite pupil of Liston, and acted as House Surgeon. After studying in Paris he settled in Southampton in 1845 and built up a large surgical practice. In 1864 he suffered from painful torticollis, for which injections of morphia were administered. He had been Surgeon to the Southampton Dispensary, but after his illness had to limit himself to the work of a Consulting Physician, Medical Inspector of Emigration, and Medical Officer of the London and South-Western Railway. During his active work he was a Liberal in politics, a member of the Borough Council, and a Justice of the Peace. He was a bold rider to hounds. "The White Doctor", as he was called, "was a hard man to beat" (Bailey's Magazine). He died at Southampton on Oct 22nd, 1880.

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"On Ether Vapour." - Ibid, I, 533.
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Thoughts on Cholera, 8vo, London, 1853, and Cholera, Non-contagious, and the
Absurdity of Quarantine Restrictions demonstrated
, 8vo, Southampton, 1866, are from a Medical Officer at a chief port.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England