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Biographical entry Heaton, George (1861 - 1924)

MRCS Feb 9th 1888; FRCS June 11th 1891; BA Oxon 1885; MA MB BCh 1888; LRCP 1888.

12 August 1924
General surgeon


The eldest son of George Heaton of Handsworth, connected with the Birmingham Mint and later of Milan, was educated at Clifton College (1873-1880), where he became Head Boy, and then at Magdalen College, Oxford, having obtained a Demyship in Science, from Oct 16th, 1880, to 1885. He obtained 1st Class Honours in the Natural Science School in 1883, but did not graduate BA until 1885. He entered St Bartholomew's Hospital in October, 1883, winning the Senior Entrance Scholarship and later the Brackenbury Scholarship and the Lawrence Scholarship and Gold Medal. After serving as House Surgeon under Alfred Willett, he returned to Birmingham in 1890 as Resident Surgical Officer at the General Hospital. Whilst holding that post he suffered the misfortune of an infected wound which in some degree lowered his general health and vitality. Elected Assistant Surgeon to the General Hospital in 1891, he acted as Demonstrator of Surgical Pathology and Assistant to the Professor of Surgery, and for eleven years was Lecturer on Operative Surgery. Becoming full Surgeon in 1894 at the age of 33, he served until 1909, when he became Consulting Surgeon. He also acted as Examiner in Surgery at the University of Oxford, and was Surgeon to the Birmingham and Midland Counties Hospital for Sick Children, and Consulting Surgeon to the Corbett Hospital, Stourbridge, the Sutton Coldfield Hospital, the Birmingham General Dispensary, the Royal Institution for Deaf and Dumb Children, and the Birmingham Bluecoat School.

In 1911 at the Birmingham Meeting of the British Medical Association he was Vice-President of the Section of Diseases of Children. He took a full share in Boards of Management, including the Medical Societies and the Birmingham Medical Benevolent Society. He was a keen golfer and devoted to sailing. He had practised at 47 Newhall Street and had a country house at Woodgate Four Oaks, Warwickshire. He seemed to be recovering from a prolonged attack of phlebitis, when he relapsed and died on Aug 12th, 1924. He was buried at Handsworth Parish Church.

Heaton's publications chiefly related to abdominal surgery
"Surgical Interference with Diseases of the Stomach." - Birmingham Med Review, 1901, xlix, 257.
"Operative Treatment of Enlarged Prostate." - Ibid, 1903, liii, 355.
"Clinical Observations on Some Acute Abdominal Disorders." - Brit Med Jour, 1906, I, 142, etc.
"Surgical Treatment of Colitis." - Lancet, 1909, I, 1678.
"Abdominal Section Twice on the Same Patient for Volvulus." - Ibid, 1912, I, 430.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Clifton College Annals and Register, 79].

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