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Biographical entry Henderson, Thomas Bonhôte ( - 1920)

MRCS Nov 10th 1904; FRCS June 1st 1905; BA Oxon 1897; MB BCh 1901; LRCP Lond 1904.

19 April 1920
Salisbury, UK
General surgeon


Educated at Trinity College, Oxford, where he graduated after taking honours in physiology in the School of Natural Science, and at St Thomas's Hospital, where he was House Surgeon, House Physician, and Clinical Assistant in the Throat Department; next he was Resident Medical Officer at Queen Charlotte's Lying-in Hospital, then for three years (1907-1909) Surgical Registrar to the Cancer Hospital, also Clinical Assistant at the Throat Hospital, Golden Square. He settled afterwards in practice at 123 Exeter Street, Salisbury, and was elected Assistant Surgeon to the Salisbury General Infirmary. During the War (1914-1918) he was Director and Surgeon-in-Chief of the Hôpital Anglais at Caen, at the termination of which he took up residence at 28 Walpole Street, Sloane Square, London. He died at Littlecot, Harnham Hills, Salisbury, on April 19th, 1920, being survived by his widow.

During his service with the Cancer Hospital Henderson published the Surgical Reports of the Cancer Hospital, 1907-9; also "Some Unusual Abdominal Cases" Practitioner, 1907, lxxix, 682.
"Abdominal Hysterectomy for Cancer of Cervix Uteri, and its Immediate Mortality, with Analysis of 17 Cases." - Brit Med Jour 1908, ii, 1545.
"An Investigation of Serratus Magnus Infection in Cancer of the Breast." - Ibid, 1909, ii, 1221.
"Clinical and Pathological Aspects of Doubtful Tumour of the Breast." - Lancet, 1909, ii, 857.

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