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Biographical entry Higgens, Charles (1846 - 1920)

MRCS April 21st 1868; FRCS Dec 14th 1871; LSA 1868; LRCP Lond 1868.

Hambledon, Hampshire, UK
28 December 1920
Ophthalmic surgeon


Born at Hambledon, Hampshire, and was educated at Brighton College and Guy's Hospital, where he was House Surgeon. In 1871 he was appointed Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Central London Ophthalmic Hospital; in 1878 Assistant Ophthalmic Surgeon to Guy's Hospital, becoming in 1883 Ophthalmic Surgeon and Lecturer on Ophthalmic Surgery until his retirement in 1906, when he became Consulting Surgeon. He was also Ophthalmic Surgeon to the French Hospital. During the War (1914-1918) he returned to active work as Surgeon to the County of London War Hospital. He performed the extraction of simple cataract admirably, as proved by his writings on the subject.

As a colleague he was markedly generous, and always appreciative of work done for him by his juniors. To his equals he was cheery, wise, and full of common sense, ready to discuss disappointments in his cases, as well as his successes. His patients he impressed by his obvious capacity. Of wiry physique and tireless, he was a keen sportsman who shot and hunted whenever possible. He practised first at 38 Brook Street, and later at 52 Brook Street, after his marriage. He died suddenly whilst out shooting on Dec 28th, 1920.

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Sources used to compile this entry: [Lancet, 1921, i, 197].

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