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Biographical entry Hill, John Daniel (1837 - 1875)

MRCS July 18th 1859; FRCS Dec 12th 1867; MD St Andrews 1862; LSA 1861.

General surgeon and Orthopaedic surgeon


Son of the Rev J H Hill, Rector of Cranoe, Leicestershire ; educated at Guy's Hospital and then became House Surgeon to the Royal Free Hospital. He continued in the service of the hospital, and after seven years was elected Surgeon. He was one of the most energetic and hard-working hospital surgeons in London until April 1st, 1875, when he developed erysipelas after attending cases in the hospital. He died of it on April 14th, at 17 Guilford Street, Bloomsbury. Besides acting as Surgeon to the Royal Free Hospital he had been Surgeon to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and to the 1st Middlesex Artillery Volunteers. He left a widow and an infant son.

Hill contributed largely to the medical periodicals, including "An Analysis of 140 Cases of Organic Stricture of the Urethra, of which 120 Cases were submitted to Holt's Operation and 20 to Perineal Section", published in 1871. The frequency of severe urethral stricture following gonorrhoea is confirmed by many other publications of the time, and active treatment by forcible dilatation, or by division through an open wound was in vogue (see HOLT, BARNARD).

The Royal College of Surgeons of England