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Biographical entry Hind, George William (1802 - 1885)

MRCS Nov 3rd 1827; FRCS Dec 7th 1849.

4 July 1885
Anatomist and General surgeon


Worked with Sir Charles Bell at the Windmill Street School and served under him at the Middlesex Hospital, where he acted as House Surgeon; when Bell was appointed Professor of Surgery Hind followed him to University College Hospital. Here he instituted the Anatomical and Pathological Museum, and was appointed the first Curator. He prepared many dissections which remain a testimony of his manipulative skill. He was invited to become Demonstrator of Anatomy at Jefferson College, Philadelphia, but Lord Brougham, the President of University College, engaged him to continue as Curator at an increased salary. He also became known as a private teacher of anatomy and surgery, and for a time was recognized by the College, but with the developments of medical education, the College barred his teaching as outside the curriculum, and he was one of the last of 'the grinders' for which London had long been celebrated. In 1883 ill health compelled him to give up his classes. He was in straitened circumstances owing to his previous generosity to relations, but old pupils and admirers rallied to his aid, and an annuity was purchased which enabled him to end his days in comfort. He died at his house in Euston Road on July 4th, 1885.

A Series of Twenty Plates illustrating the Causes of Displacement in the Various Fractures of the Bones of the Extremities, fol., London, 1836.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England