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Biographical entry Hitchman, John (1815 - 1893)

MRCS May 4th 1838; FRCS Feb 8th 1855; LSA 1838; Extra-Licentiate 1843; MD St Andrews 1858; MRCP Lond 1859; FRCP 1871.

Northleach, Gloucestershire
5 April 1893


Born at Northleach, Gloucestershire; after attending the local Grammar School, was apprenticed in 1832 to Mr Cornwall at Fairford until September, 1836, when he entered the Webb Street School under Richard Grainger. He also attended Guy's Hospital under Aston Key and the medical practice of St Thomas's Hospital. After qualifying he returned to Mr Cornwall as Assistant, but was soon appointed Medical Officer of Fairford Lunatic Asylum, known later as 'The Retreat'. After a few years he was appointed Resident Physician at the Sanatorium in Marylebone Road. In 1846 he obtained the post, after competition, of Resident Medical Officer of the Female Department of Hanwell Lunatic Asylum, the asylum for the County of Middlesex. By 1850 he had raised the department to such an efficient state that after a visit he was offered the post of Superintendent of the Mickleover Asylum then being built near Derby. There Hitchman remained until 1872, when frequent attacks of vertigo compelled him to resign. He was presented with a valuable service of plate by the Derby Agricultural Society, to which he was Vice-President, on the occasion of his resignation. His interest in agriculture chiefly related to the employment of sewage irrigation. He was President of the Psychological Association in 1856. He went first to live at Cheltenham, then returned to Fairford in 1875. He died at The Laurels, Fairford, on April 5th, 1893, his wife having died in 1884.

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The Royal College of Surgeons of England