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Biographical entry Holmes, Charles (1816 - 1915)

MRCS April 20th 1838; FRCS (by election) Oct 10th 1861; LSA 1838.

6 August 1915
General surgeon


Was apprenticed at the age of 14 to Dr John Turner, of High Wycombe, after which he studied at St Bartholomew's Hospital and qualified in 1838. He was at first assistant to Dr John Symonds, of Oxford, and after five or six years set up in practice at Chipping Norton, where he was Medical Officer to the Union. In 1861 he had removed to Newport, Isle of Wight; in 1863 to Slough, where he was Surgeon to the Great Western Provident Society, Hon Secretary to its Medical Staff, and in 1875 Medical Officer of Health of the Slough Union District. Owing to unsatisfactory health, he moved to Blockley, in Gloucestershire, and then to Emsworth, in Hampshire; towards the close of the century he was living at Cotswold, St Branock's, Ilfracombe. He had reached the age of 99, being then probably the Senior Fellow, when he died on Aug 6th, 1915.

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The Royal College of Surgeons of England