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Biographical entry Hough, Henry Francis (1781 - 1855)

MRCS Nov 4th 1803; FRCS (by election as one of the 29 members of the HEICS) Aug 26th 1844.

30 October 1855
General surgeon


After qualifying Hough started as Surgeon to HMS Comet in 1803, saw active service at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope in 1805, and at Blombourg on Jan 8th, 1806. He was gazetted to the Bengal Army as Assistant Surgeon in 1805; was promoted Surgeon on May 25th, 1818; Superintending Surgeon on Feb 25th, 1834; Inspector-General of Hospitals and Member of the Board on July 23rd, 1843; Surgeon General on Feb. 16th, 1844; Physician General and President of the Medical Board on Feb 16th, 1845. He retired on July 24th, 1848, and died in London on Oct 30th, 1855.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England