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Biographical entry Hulme, Edward Charles (1821 - 1900)

MRCS April 12th 1844; FRCS Dec 7th 1849; LSA 1845.

18 April 1821
25 June 1900
General surgeon


Born in the neighbourhood of Finsbury Square, London, on April 18th, 1821, the fifth child and second son of Richard Parrott Hulme, a wool merchant, and Maria Wyndham his wife. He was educated at a private school in London, where he was so severely burned by a squib which he was carrying in his pocket that he was an invalid for two years. After further instruction from a tutor he was apprenticed to an apothecary at Totnes, his father having bought property at Stoke Gabriel on the Dart. He entered St Bartholomew's Hospital, and in 1846 was appointed Student in Human and Comparative Anatomy of the Royal College of Surgeons. His autograph manuscript preserved in the College describes the work he did in this capacity. He dissected a chimpanzee, elephant, leopard, apteryx, wombat, and other specimens. His reports were countersigned by John Flint South and by Arnott. The octavo volume containing his MS includes the MS of G R Skinner, student of anatomy in 1850. Hulme settled in practice at 19 Gower Street, and was for a time Surgeon to the Blenheim Street Free Dispensary, then to the Central London Ophthalmic Hospital, to the Great Northern Hospital, and Medical Examiner to the Marine Society. He removed later to Woodbridge Road, Guildford, but did not practise there, and then he returned to London, living at 18 Philbeach Gardens, South Kensington, where he died on Jan 25th, 1900, and was buried at the Brookwood Necropolis. He married Amelia Matthiessen on Aug 23rd, 1855, and had a family of one son and four daughters. His son, E Wyndham Hulme, was Librarian of the Patent Office. A granddaughter married Stephen Gaselee, Librarian at the Foreign Office. He was Hon Librarian of the Royal Archaeological Institute, and was a valued sub-editor of the New English Dictionary, for which he undertook most of the medical words.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Personal knowledge. Information kindly given by his son, E W Hulme].

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