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Biographical entry Ireland, Richard Stanley (1787 - 1875)

MRCS June 1st 1808; FRCS (by election) Aug 26th 1844; FRCSI 1844; LKQCPI 1818; Hon FKQCPI 1860; MD St Andrews 1814.

14 March 1875
General surgeon


Was for many years Surgeon to the Dublin Metropolitan Police, and gained such a reputation that older members of the Force were accustomed to ask to see their old doctor after his retirement. At one time he was Lecturer and Professor of Midwifery and Diseases of Females and Children, also of Physiology, at the original Protestant School of Medicine in Peter Street, Dublin. He was too a member of the Royal Dublin Society and contributed many papers to the medical journals. He died at 121 Stephen's Green West, on March 14th, 1875.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England