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Biographical entry Jackson, Arthur (1855 - 1921)

MRCS July 23rd 1878; FRCS June 8th 1882; LSA 1878.

9 January 1921
General surgeon


The son of Daniel Jackson, of Chadwell Place, Grays, Essex. After school at Brentwood he studied at St Bartholomew's Hospital, and was Clinical Assistant at St Luke's Hospital, London, and House Surgeon at the Beckett Hospital, Barnsley. In 1884 he joined in partnership, J R Humphreys, who was then the Senior Surgeon to the Shrewsbury Infirmary. In 1890 Jackson was himself appointed Surgeon to the Shrewsbury Infirmary, having as colleagues Henry John Rope, FRCS, and W Eddowes, MRCS. The Listerian methods were in general being but tardily accepted; Jackson adopted them with enthusiasm, and later copied the practice of Horsley, the Mayos, Freyer, and Moynihan. He thus attained to high esteem as a surgeon in Shropshire and Mid-Wales, and held other posts, such as Surgeon to the New Town Infirmary, Montgomeryshire, to the Lady Forester's Hospitals, Much Wenlock and Broseley, to the Bicton Asylum, and to the Tuberculosis Sanatorium at Shirleet.

During many years he was an active member of the British Medical Association, was President of the Shropshire and Mid-Wales Branch in 1900, and read a paper "On Diseases of the Breast". He had reached the retiring age but continued active work at the Infirmary during the War (1914-1918) up to November, 1919. He was much distressed at the sudden death of his only son, Arthur H Conway Jackson, ICS, in India in December, 1920. He fell ill of influenza, complicated by pneumonia, died at 13 College Hill, Shrewsbury, on Jan 9th, 1921, and was buried in the General Cemetery. He was survived by his widow, Florence Eleanor, daughter of the Rev S Sunderland, of Penistone, Yorkshire, and by a daughter.

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