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Biographical entry Jackson, Alexander Russell (1798 - 1855)

MRCS April 16th 1819; FRCS (by election) Aug 26th 1844; MD Edin 1818.

6 August 1798
Calcutta, India
28 July 1855
Warley, Essex
General surgeon


Born in Calcutta on Aug 6th, 1798. He was educated at Edinburgh; after becoming MRCS in 1819 he was appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Bengal Army on April 15th, 1820. He was promoted on June 18th, 1831, to Surgeon, later to be Staff Surgeon (1st Class), Apothecary General and Superintendent of Vaccination. He was one of twenty-nine Indian Medical Service officers elected FRCS on Aug 26th, 1844. He retired from India and was appointed Depot Surgeon to the Hon East India Company Depots for Recruits at the Isle of Wight, at Chatham, and at Warley, Essex. He died at Warley Barracks on July 28th, 1855.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England