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Biographical entry Jennings, Joseph Cave Spicer (1810 - 1900)

MRCS Feb 26th 1841; FRCS June 8th 1876; LSA 1839.

8 April 1900
General surgeon


The son of the Rev W Jennings, of Baydon, Wiltshire. He studied at King's College, London, and the Middlesex Hospital, and practised for ten years at Lacock, Wiltshire, where he was Surgeon to the Lacock Asylum for Women and Children and to the Chippenham Union. He then moved to Malmesbury, where he was Union Medical Officer. There he promoted an artificial water-supply, founded and was Chairman of the Malmesbury Water Company, the springs and the well being situated upon his land. Another interest of his was archaeology; he resided in an Elizabethan Abbey House, and there was the old Market Cross, and the Abbey, largely in ruins and part turned into farm premises, for his consideration. Since his time the Abbey has undergone extensive restoration. He died on April 8th, 1900, leaving many who had been recipients of his charity to, regret his loss.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England