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Biographical entry Jessett, Frederick Bowreman (1837 - 1927)

MRCS Dec 28th 1859; FRCS Dec 10th 1874; LSA 1860.

20 December 1837
17 June 1927
General surgeon


Born at Winchester on Dec 20th, 1837. He went to Marlborough College, and then in 1854 to University College Hospital when Sir William Jenner was Physician. Having qualified he practised at Erith, Kent, where he was instrumental in founding the Cottage Hospital to which he acted as Surgeon. Having become a FRCS, he was appointed Surgeon to the Cancer Hospital, Brompton; to the Royal General Dispensary, St Bartholomew's Close; and to the Gordon Hospital for Fistula. Under the superintendence of Victor Horsley at the Brown Institution he conducted a series of experiments on intestinal anastomosis, especially by the aid of decalcified bone-plates; the findings were published as a Report to the Scientific Grants Committee of the British Medical Association in the British Medical Journal (1889, ii, July 27). He also published "An Inquiry into the Geographical Distribution of Cancer, and on Cancer of the Mouth, Tongue, and Alimentary Tract", also a number of communications relating to operations for cancer of the mouth, tongue, stomach, intestine, uterus, and breast. The cases on arrival at the Cancer Hospital were mostly instances of advanced disease. He was President of the Gynaecological Society for several years, until 1906, when he was succeeded by Alban Doran (qv). He practised at 1 Buckingham Palace Mansions, Grosvenor Gardens, then at 23 Brook Street. He retired to Fleet, Hampshire, and took part in the work of the Cottage Hospital there. He died at the age of 90 on June 17th, 1927, at Orchard House, Fleet. His wife had died in 1913. He was survived by a son and three daughters.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Prov Med Jour, Leicester, 1894, xiii, 225, with portrait].

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