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Biographical entry Jones, Arthur Webb ( - 1917)

MRCS Feb 9th 1899; FRCS May 31st 1900; LRCP Lond 1899; BS Lond 1911; MD 1913.

General surgeon and Gynaecologist


Educated at Malvern College and at St Thomas's Hospital. After taking the Fellowship he engaged in active practice in Egypt and at the same time worked for the degrees of the University of London. As the subject of his MD thesis he selected "Bilharziosis in Women", and on this question he was able to write authoritatively owing to his wide experience in gynaecological surgery in Alexandria. From 1900-1904 Webb Jones served in the Egyptian Army in the Sudan, and at the end of his period of five years left it to settle in private practice and received the thanks of the Sirdar and Governor-General of the Sudan for his services. He started practice at 8c Rue Stamboul, Alexandria, and was appointed Surgeon and Gynaecologist to the Government Hospital and Medical Officer to the Egyptian State Railway, Alexandria District. The medical and surgical resources of Egypt were taxed to the uttermost during the Gallipoli Campaign, and Webb Jones volunteered and did yeoman service with the British troops from May, 1915, to December, 1916. He had not been out of Egypt since 1913, and when an epidemic of typhus broke out in Alexandria, in the spring of 1917, it found him fatigued and somewhat out of health, though keen as ever upon his duties. He was called upon to give an intravenous injection of saline solution to a brother practitioner dying from typhus, and was infected. In about ten days the disease showed itself, and he succumbed on the eleventh day.

Webb Jones was a sound diagnostician and a careful and skilful operator. His judgement was good and his successes were notable. He made careful notes of his cases, and was in the habit of adding subsequent impressions and investigations to the account of each, thus continually striving to perfect his knowledge and technique, and so to crystallize his experiences. He was a desirable colleague, a good friend, winning and reliable. He was survived by a widow and young family. His name is in the College Roll of Honour (Calendar, 1918).

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