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Biographical entry Jones, James ( - 1871)

MRCS May 2nd 1838; FRCS Dec 10th 1846; MD Lond 1851; MRCP Lond 1859.

6 June 1871


Practised at 13 Harley Street, and then at 4 Harley Street. At the time of his death he was Senior Physician to the Metropolitan Free Hospital and to the Infirmary for Consumption, Margaret Street. He died at 4 Harley Street on June 6th, 1871.

On the Use of Perchloride of Iron and other Chalybeate Salts in the Treatment of Consumption; being a clinical inquiry into their physiological action and therapeutic properties. With a chapter on hygiene, 8vo, London, 1862.
On Tuberculosis; a Practical Examination of the Action of Local Inflammation in Cachectic Subjects in the Production of Tubercular Consumption, 8vo, London, 1865.
"Treatment of Small-pox Pustules on the Face." - Med Times and Gaz, 1856, i, 610.
"Cases of Enormous Tubercular Cavity of the Lung, closely simulating Empyema." - Ibid, 1860, i, 166.
"Clinical Remarks on Bromide of Potassium in some Forms of Infantile Convulsions." - Ibid, 1864, i, 254.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England