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Biographical entry Jones, Richard Phillips ( - 1867)

MRCS Jan 1st 1819; FRCS Oct 14th 1858; MD Glasgow 1821; JP.

June 1867


Educated at St George's Hospital. At the time of his death he was Physician to the Denbighshire General Dispensary and Asylum for Recovery of Health, and had been in 1861 Consulting Physician and Hon Governor of the Chester General Infirmary. He was also JP for the City of Chester and County of Denbigh. He died in June, 1867, probably at his residence, Stanley Place, Chester.

De Capitis Injuriis, 8vo, Edinburgh, 1828.
Observations on Cholera, 2nd ed., 1849.
"On Strangulation of Intestines from Rupture of Mesentery." - London Med and Phys Jour, 1819, xli, 132.
"On Buffy Coat of Blood during Inflammation in Amaurosis induced by Terror." - Ibid, 466.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England