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Biographical entry Keene, James (1834 - 1883)

MRCS July 9th 1855; FRCS June 9th 1870; MRCP Lond 1870.

27 November 1883
ENT surgeon


The son of a well-known dentist in Boulogne. He became a student at St George's Hospital in 1851, studied at Heidelberg, and after qualifying was appointed one of the Surgeons of the West London Hospital, Hammersmith, on its foundation in 1856. He had only held this post a short time, as well as that of Surgeon to the Central London Ophthalmic Hospital, when he went out to Australia, whence he returned to London in 1870. He became almost simultaneously FRCS and MRCP. In 1874 he was elected Assistant Surgeon to Westminster Hospital, and in 1878 Aural Surgeon and Lecturer on Aural Surgery, posts which he held to the time of his death. His ingenuity in the arrangement and perfecting of the appliances of his department was very great. He was genial, kindly, unobtrusive, and content to do his best for his patients without studying his own advantage. He suffered for three years before his death from a splenic tumour and from leueocythemia. Though exhausted by anemia and cough, he worked on almost to the end, and died at his residence, 59 Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, W, on Nov 27th, 1883. When in Australia he was editor of the Australian Medical and Surgical Review, published at Melbourne, from 1863-1865.

The Causes and Treatment of Deafness: a Manual of Aural Surgery, 8vo, 4 plates, London, 1873.
Defective Hearing: its Curable Forms and Rational Treatment, 8vo, 4th ed., London, 1876.
"A New Method for Removing the Eyeball." - Med Times and Gaz, 1862, ii, 273. "Foreign Bodies in the Ear." - Med Exam, 1878, iii, 12.
"On Middle-ear Deafness." - Lancet, 1878, ii, 690.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England