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Biographical entry Keser, Jean Samuel ( - 1925)

MRCS April 14th 1881; FRCS June 12th 1884; BSc and B ès L Lausanne; MB Geneva 1877; Swiss State Exam 1879; MD Bâle 1880.



Came of a Swiss family and received his early education in arts and sciences at Lausanne, studying for his profession subsequently at Strasburg, Heidelberg, Geneva, Bâle, and St Thomas's Hospital. He was appointed Physician to the French Hospital and Dispensary, London, and was well known in medical circles during the last decade of the nineteenth century, when he enjoyed a large practice, especially among the French colony in the metropolis. As correspondent of the Semaine médicale, which, under its editor-proprietor, Dr De Mauraus, enjoyed a large circulation and laid itself out to report meetings of societies and associations, he for many years regularly attended the annual meetings of the British Medical Association. A man of attractive personality, he made and retained many friends. He was Chevalier of the Legion of Honour and an Officier d'Académie.

In 1899, being threatened with blindness, he determined to retire, but a year's rest restored him to health, and he was then able to indulge a taste for Greek archeology, travelling extensively in Greece and the Near East. He next settled on the outskirts of Geneva, and enjoyed his learned leisure until it was rudely interrupted on the outbreak of war, when some hundred thousand miserable refugees, expelled from the invaded parts of France, passed through Geneva. He was placed at the head of the dispensary, where about ten thousand persons were treated. It was a terrible experience for a man of Keser's cultivated mind and sensitive nature. Later the train-loads of refugees were succeeded by other trains carrying sick and wounded soldiers from France to Germany and the reverse; hundreds of volunteers were enlisted under the Red Cross and the work went on for years, involving great exertions and many hardships. All through he was unwearyingly helped by his wife. After an illness of two years' duration Keser died in the earlier half of 1925. He lived at 60 Route de Chéne, Geneva.

Étude clinique sur le Cancer du Sein (Dies Inaug), Lausanne, 1880.
"Medical Epigraphs of the British Museum," 8vo, London, 1893; reprinted from Med Mag, 1892-3, i, 907.
"A Universal Language for Medical Men," 8vo, 1895; reprinted from Med Mag, 1895, iv, 341.
Diagnostic et Traitement chirurgical des Tumeurs abdominales. Ed française (of Sir Spencer Wells's work), publiée avec le contours du Dr J Keser, 8vo, Paris, 1886.

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