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Biographical entry Malloch, William John Ogilvie (1872 - 1919)

MRCS Feb 8th 1906; FRCS June 14th 1906; BA Toronto 1891; MB 1896; MD.

18 February 1919
Toronto, Canada
General surgeon


Studied at the University of Toronto, where he also distinguished himself at football. In 1894 he played for the University of Toronto, which won the Championship of Canada over Montreal. He served on the House Staff of the Toronto General Hospital, and after postgraduate work in anatomy, physiology, and pathology went into private practice. In 1905 he came to England for a year's study, and passed the MRCS and FRCS examinations.

In May, 1915, he came with the University of Toronto No 4 Base Hospital to England, then went to Salonika, and then back to Basingstoke, where he became Chief of the Surgical Staff. In January, 1919, he returned to Canada with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, but upon the night after reaching Toronto, on Feb 8th, contracted pneumonia, and died on Feb 18th, 1919, at his house in Poplar Plains Road.

A big man, brimful of wit and humour, large in innumerable ways yet tender and gentle when handling the sick, with a great reputation as a surgeon, of high promise for the future - such are some of the phrases used by a college friend in speaking of John Malloch.

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