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Biographical entry Mapleton, Henry (1815 - 1879)

MRCS May 8th 1837; FRCS Jan 13th 1859; MD Edin 1838; FRCP Lond 1860.

16 May 1815
1 January 1879
General surgeon


Born in Devonshire on May 16th, 1815, the second son of Commander Mapleton, RN. He was educated at Tiverton School, became a pupil in Exeter Hospital, and then studied at the University of Edinburgh.

He was appointed Assistant Surgeon on the Staff of the Army on July 12th, 1839, and gazetted to the 62nd Foot on the following Nov 17th. He went to Madras in the spring of 1840, and on Oct 30th was transferred to the 40th Foot, with which he served in the Scinde and Gwalior Campaigns, 1841-1843, being present at the Battle of Maharajpore, for which he received the Bronze Star. On April 14th, 1846, he was appointed to the 3rd Dragoon Guards, was promoted to Surgeon of the 40th Foot on July 13th, 1847, was placed on the Staff (2nd Class) on Dec 22nd, 1848, transferred to the 55th Foot on April 5th, 1850, and transferred back to the 3rd Dragoon Guards on Nov 8th, 1850. He was selected to accompany Lord Raglan to Turkey as Surgeon on the Staff (2nd Class) on May 5th, 1854, and he served there until Lord Raglan's death on June 28th, 1855, which had followed the repulse of the attack on the Redan with loss.

Mapleton returned home and was gazetted Surgeon to the 15th Dragoons on July 6th, 1855. On Feb 19th, 1858, he was transferred to the 18th Dragoons, a new regiment. He was promoted Staff Surgeon Major on July 12th, 1859, and placed at the head of the reorganized Medical Department of the War Office. Promoted Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals on Aug 26th, 1859, he served in that office until 1864. Meanwhile he superintended the equipment of two steamships, the Mauritius and Melbourne, as hospital ships for China, and a detailed account of the fittings appeared in the Army Medical Department Reports.

On Sept 9th, 1864, he retired on half pay with the honorary rank of Inspector-General, and lived at Exeter until his death on Jan 1st, 1879.

Report called for by the Director-General of the Army Medical Department relative to the Sanitary Condition of the Army of the East, June, 1857; fol, London, 1858.

Sources used to compile this entry: [Johnston's RAMC Roll, No 4560].

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