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Biographical entry Mash, James (1797 - 1884)

MRCS Nov 7th 1823; FRCS June 2nd 1853; LSA 1823.

27 September 1884
General surgeon


Studied at Guy's and St Thomas's Hospitals, where he assisted Sir Astley Cooper by certain contributions to his Treatise on Dislocations and Fractures of the Joints, 1822. He was next House Surgeon, then Surgeon, to the Northampton General Infirmary, and became known as a bold and able surgeon who took a lively interest in medical students. He was devoted to the interests of the Infirmary and to St Andrew's Hospital. At the age of 70 he held himself as well able to amputate a limb as ever during earlier life. At the age of 87, three months before his death, he performed his last operation - the removal of a growth from the hand of a girl. He was out and about in his usual health a week before his death, when he caught a chill and died of acute pleurisy on Sept 27th, 1884, at St Giles' Square, Northampton. He left a widow, to whom the South Midland Branch of the British Medical Association sent a resolution expressive of the esteem felt for him. His funeral was largely attended by colleagues and fellow-townsmen.

Two publications continued Mash's interest in dislocations, but with additions: -
"Cases of Dislocation of the Humerus Successfully Reduced." - Lancet, 1844, i, 773.
"Successful Dislocation of Os Humeri of Four Weeks' Standing." - Brit Med Jour, 1872, i, 395.

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