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Biographical entry Michels, Ernst (1863 - 1926)

MRCS July 30th 1891; FRCS June 8th 1893; LRCP Lond July 30th 1891; MD Berlin 1885; German Staats Examen 1886.

Heidelberg, Germany
General surgeon


Was a well-educated German surgeon who, having studied at the Universities of Berlin, W├╝rzburg, and Kiel, became MD, passed the German State Examination, and was appointed Resident Medical Officer at the German Hospital, Dalston, London.

After becoming FRCS and Surgeon to the German Hospital, he practised at 6 West Street, Finsbury Circus, 48 Finsbury Square, and later at 48 Wimpole Street as the leading Surgeon to the German Community, Medical Officer to the German Orphanage and to the German Consulate-General. He was well known, and a welcome personage at the London Medical Societies; a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and Member of the British Medical Association.

On the outbreak of the War in 1914 he returned to Germany and died in 1926 at 36 Kleinschmidt Strasse, Heidelberg.

Michels' chief publication, in collaboration with Dr PARKES WEBER, concerned the obliterative arteritis of young men, particularly of the Jewish race, which may advance to gangrene of the extremities ("Obliterative Arteritis," Brit Med Jour, 1903, i, 762).

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