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Biographical entry Miller, Richard Shalders ( - 1903)

MRCS Aug 1st 1877; FRCS Dec 11th 1879; MB Lond 1878; LSA 1877.

Ophthalmic surgeon


Received his professional training at University College, London, where he was Fellowes Gold Medallist in Clinical Medicine at the Hospital, and Medallist in Anatomy, Pathology, and Medicine, as well as Senior Demonstrator in Anatomy (at University College and Westminster Hospitals). He was also at one time Obstetric Assistant at University College Hospital, Clinical Assistant at the Royal London Ophthalmic and Westminster Ophthalmic Hospitals and Soho Square Hospital for Women, and Senior Surgeon at the Western Ophthalmic Hospital.

He practised for many years at 17 Trinity Place, Windsor, then at 1 Trinity Place; as well as at 28 Upper Bedford Place, Russell Square, WC, being, in 1887, Senior Surgeon at the Western Ophthalmic Hospital. His later addresses were in Thames Street, Windsor, and at Crescent Lodge, and finally at 26 Mackenzie Street, Slough. He was a member of the British Medical Association and of the Windsor and District Medical Society. His death occurred in 1903.

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The Royal College of Surgeons of England