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Biographical entry Morton, Thomas (1813 - 1849)

MRCS July 24th 1835; FRCS Dec 11th 1843 one of the original 300 Fellows.

30 October 1849
General surgeon


Entered University College Hospital in 1832; became House Surgeon and later Surgeon to the Hospital, also Surgeon to the Queen's Bench Prison. He assisted Samuel Cooper and Liston at operations, and was distinguished by the remarkable publications on surgical anatomy, both as regards description and drawing, which he accomplished in his short life. He died at 7 Woburn Place, Russell Square, London, WC, on Oct 30th, 1849; he had married a daughter of Samuel Cooper. In the College Collection there is a fine mezzotint portrait of him together with an autograph letter referring to the death of Samuel Cooper in 1848. His life-size portrait by Andrew Morton, presented by Mrs Thomas Morton in 1873, is in the Hall of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Slim volumes with fine coloured plates by William Fairland:-
The Surgical Anatomy of the Perineum, 8vo, London, 1838.
The Surgical Anatomy of the Groin, the Femoral and Popliteal Regions, 8vo, London, 1839.
The Surgical Anatomy of the Inguinal Hernia, the Testis and its Coverings, 8vo, London, 1841.
Engravings illustrating the Surgical Anatomy of the Head and Neck, Axilla, Bend vf the Elbow and Wrist, with Dissections, 8vo, London, 1845. These were reprinted with commentaries by WILLIAM CADGE (q.v.) in 1850.
The Surgical Anatomy of the Principal Regions of the Human Body, 8vo, London, 1850. The commentaries on the Head, Neck, and Upper Limb are by WILLIAM CADGE ; the rest is a reprint of Morton's works detailed above.

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